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Success in agriculture is a collection of building blocks comprising of "WHAT" and "WHEN to do WHAT". We call it VITAMINS. Precise combination of these blocks will define your success in agriculture. From pre-planting to the market, we will guide you through every step of agricultural production until you attain excellence and success.



Selecting the right seed variety can mean better disease and pest resistance which translates to reduced reliance on pesticides and herbicides. It could also mean high tolerance to environmental conditions like drought or heat stress. It could also translate to better, higher selling price.



A good intercropping strategy can significantly increase farm efficiency and crop productivity by improving utilisation of sunlight, water (reduced evaporation) and nutrients (fixation). On diversity, it can disrupt the population of adversarial pests while encouraging that of beneficial insects and microorganisms.



Applying fertiliser, sowing, irrigation or pest control around weather events like wind, rain, or temperatures can significantly impact effectiveness. Delaying vaccinations for livestock can negatively affect yield or health. Similarly, planting crops at the right time ensures they have the appropriate conditions for germination, growth, and ultimately, harvest.


Application Rate

Applying the correct amount of inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or seeds ensures you not wasting resources. Using too little can limit growth and yield, while using too much can be ineffective, wasteful, and potentially harm your crops or the environment. Precise application is essential.


Moisture Retention

Maintaining the right amount of moisture in the soil is crucial. Crops require different amounts of water for various physiological stages (photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, etc). Ensuring optimal soil moisture directly influence viable germination, efficient nutrient uptake, improved soil structure, and better predictable yields.


Irrigation Management

Over-irrigation is a significant concern. Proper scheduling prevents water waste, which is not only environmentally responsible but also reduces pumping or water delivery costs for farmers. Most importantly, it can enhance the quality of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products.


Nutrition Program

Crops absorb nutrients from the soil throughout their growth cycle, and applying fertiliser just once might not provide all the essential elements they need for optimal yield and quality. The take up specific nutrients from the soil as they grow. A single fertilizer application might replenish those nutrients initially, but over time, they will be depleted. Applying fertilizer multiple times helps ensure a steady supply of nutrients throughout the critical growth stages of the crop.


Soil Management

Knowing detailed soil informationis fundamental in successful sustainable farming for several reasons. This is why farmers who mean business carry out soil testing. Luckily, with advances in data science, satellite data, and artificial intelligence, we can now predict most soil parameters at lower cost and higher frequency in a matter of seconds.

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* You can can enable 18 other features in the free account by purchasing Capture tokens in-app for as low as $0.5

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It's the simple things that make all the difference for all the efforts. Together, we will continue to great things for farmers and agribusiness.

The early warning signals is what convinced me!

"My crops used to be infected by diseases without warning. Now, Capture spot early signs of stress, and I can act fast with targeted treatments. It's like having a bird's-eye view of my entire farm, letting me catch problems before they even reach the field. My harvests are healthier and more bountiful now, thanks to this technology."

Christopher Alashe Maize Farmer
Before now, I knew some part of my farm is more fertile that the others, now I exactly where.

"I used to spend a lot on fertilizers, often overdoing it and wasting money. Capture changed everything! Now, I know exactly how much fertilizer I need and where it is needed, and how much to apply in each part of my farm. It's like having a farm doctor in my phone! My harvests are more consistent, and I'm saving money on unnecessary costs."

Yohana Danbeki Rice Farmer
My crop is thriving like never before!

"My soil used to be unpredictable, leading to uneven growth and poor harvests. Thanks to Capture, I have a precise map of my soil's nutrient and their levels. Now, I can tailor my crops and amendments to each specific area, boosting their health and performance. My crop is thriving like never before!"

Ibrahim Modibbo Cassava Farmer
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