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Why choose Capture?

It is designed based on the two fundamentals:

Is Capture right for you?

Explore different use cases of Capture to find the ones that are best supports your farming journey.

Realtime Glance

Access up-to-date information about conditions on the farm without physically being present. Isolate what is going right from the ones that going wrong with precision.

A Comprehensive Soil Information of your Farm

An up-to-date measurement report of various properties of soil to understand its characteristics and suitability for different purposes. Some of the key predicted soil parameters include: soil texture, pH Level, organic matter, nutrient content (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and others), carbon content, cation exchange capacity, others

Fertiliser Use Optimisation

Precise, yield-based recommendation to get the most out of our fertiliser based on variable rate application technology. Our model monitors soil conditions to predict the crop nutrient requirements per season. By applying the right amount of fertiliser at the right time and places, you can optimise nutrient use efficiency, minimise environmental impacts, maximise profit, and reduce costs.

Crop Health Monitoring

Receieve personalised proactive management strategies that enhance profit margins. Gain early warning for a specific farm with visualisations all planting season.

The Best Timing for Everything

Stop the guesses. Know the most favourable day and time to plant, apply fertiliser, harvest, and other critical farm activities based on a thorough climate data time series analysis.

Seasonal Climate Forecasts

These long-range weather forecast or seasonal outlook is a prediction of weather patterns and climate conditions expected to prevail over the specific region where you farm during an upcoming cropping season. Know when the ground is ready to be worked on before deploying tractors and other farm equipment. Build resilience against flooding and loss of farm investment by staying ahead.

There are over 20 things you can do with Capture to get a lot more benefits for your farm.

One Of Our Own

There is more!

Here is how Capture will lead you through every step until you succeed, from pre-planting until you harvest the fruit of our effort. Our promise is excellence.

Initial Consultation Begin with an in-depth discussion with an in-built AI we called AMA (Ask Me Anything). As the name implies, having this conversation with will help you understand your requirements, goals, and vision with better clarity. This consultation builds on your knowledge gap using latest information to meet your specific needs throughout the season.
Checks the Basics With a click of a button, Capture carries out a full temporal audit of your soil to determine it's quality for the cropping season ahead. You will know what soil's property is lacking and what you have to do to remedy it. Such remedies may not cost you a dime; for example, mulching, liming, etc. You will also use this data to calculate your input budget for an expected yields.
Climate Forecast, Any surprises? Capture offers you a comprehensive summary of the seasonal climate forecast reports as published by local authority. Some of the questions this answers include: How do you know, in time, that your crops are going to fall sick? Is there going to be a devastating flood and will it affect your farm? When will the rain start/stop falling? When should you expect drought and for how long?
Intelligent Fertility Maps Capture uses a combination of timeseries Earth Observation data and AI to analyse, quantifies, and visualise soil's essential minerals with precise variable application rates. Capture does not recommend broadcastiing application method because there are more efficient method.
Optimising Every Minute Planting crops at the optimal time based on weather conditions and soil temperature can significantly impact yield. Capture offers you a strategy for acheiving peak performance by carefully considering the timing of every action in the season.
Planting and Seed Rate When the weather conditions are satisfactory, Capture will suggest a sets of optimal date for you to pick from. In addition, Capture suggests the proper seed rate that will ensure enough plants establish themselves to achieve a good yield without excessive competition for resources.
Ongoing Crop Health Monitoring Capture offers a systematic observation and analysis of crops (based on the BBCH-scale) to detect signs of stress, disease, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and other factors that can affect their growth and yield. This proactive approach you act quicker, ultimately leading to best results possible
Performance Tracking And if you share your farm activity data, Capture can analyse your performance on a yearly basis, ensuring you make better and data-driven improvements and adjustments to your farming practice. The result is that you remain competitive and profitably with lesser efforts.
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It's the simple things that make all the difference for all the efforts. Together, we will continue to great things for farmers and agribusiness.

The early warning signals is what convinced me!
Christopher Alashe
Maize Farmer
Before now, I knew some part of my farm is more fertile that the others, now I exactly where.
Yohana Danbeki
Rice Farmer
My crop is thriving like never before!
Ibrahim Modibbo
Cassava Farmer


Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with top payment companies which guarantees your safety and security. All billing information is stored on our payment processing partner which has the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
Of course! We offer a free trial experience of all users in the category (farmers and extension agents) who may wish to check out Capture before committing to a paid subscription.
We rely on Earth observation satellite data, climate data, agronomic knowledge base, and others to collect information about your farm in order to feed them into specialised computer programs that generate certain measurements that are indicative of crop and soil status. Crop performance is derived from carefully selected indices according to your farms ecological vantage. We periodically fine-tune the programs through continuous observations of thousands of farmlands.
Yes. It's already possible to measure soil Nitrogen using Earth observation date. For the other soil properties, other secondary datasets and factors are considered in normalizing their inferences. We rely on some mathematical interpolation (evaluating new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points) to derive present (and future) soil information. As we continue to collect known yield and mineral removal data in timeseries, it will allow for further improvement on the accuracy of the results.
Every thing you stand to gain are explained on our landing page here using the acronym "VITAMINS". Feel free to send an email for further clarification; or better still, download the app and try it for FREE!